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Payroll & Human Resources

Payroll Bureau

Processing your own weekly and monthly payroll can be a significant administrative burden.  The regulations are complex and HM Revenue and Customs will impose fines or penalties if is not done correctly

A PAYE compliance visit from HM Revenue and Customs can be a daunting experience.  We can carry out a health check on your payroll, which can greatly reduce the risk of penalties being levied following a visit.

We can assist in planning tax efficient payroll and benefit strategies for directors and employees.

We provide a confidential, cost efficient payroll bureau, processing your weekly or monthly payroll.

Human Resources

We are able to provide additional support on payroll and HR issues in addition to payroll processing, including:

  • Maintaining holiday and sickness records;
  • Maintaining personnel records.

Please contact Tracy Rankin at or Debby Watson at in respect of any aspects of our payroll services.